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Garland, TX dentist assures patients of the safety of root canal dental treatment

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A lot of people fear spiders. But, spiders are amazing at helping to keep your house, classroom, or workplace free of pest insects. The fear and hate many have for spiders is uncalled for. At Perfect 32 Family Dentistry, in Garland, TX, we believe root canal treatment has an uncalled-for reputation too. Many people fear root canals, avoiding the dentist out of fear of the treatment. However, this treatment is one of the safest, most effective treatments for an infected tooth and allows us to save the natural tooth. We believe education about root canal treatment can take the mystery and fear from it.

What root canals are:

Root canals are treatments used to save an infected tooth. The infection lies in the middle of the tooth in the inner pulp chamber. This is an area at the center of the tooth that contains soft tissue. A root canal procedure cleans the nerve and pulp from the tooth, the interior chamber is then cleaned out, disinfected, and sealed to prevent future problems. The gentle and precise techniques used by Perfect 32 Family Dentistry ensures root canals that are virtually painless and very quick.

Benefits of root canals:

  • Eliminates pain: Root canals are performed after a tooth becomes infected or the pulp is injured. An infected tooth can cause mild to a severe toothache, fever, trouble chewing and facial tenderness.
  • Keeps your natural tooth: This is important, as many people wonder why not just have a tooth extraction done. Natural teeth help maintain the integrity of your jawbone structure and eliminate the need for future dental work.
  • Enhances overall health: Untreated infected teeth can allow bacteria into the rest of your body, affecting your physical health and well-being.

If you think you may have an infected tooth, please call us today. We will schedule an individualized consultation to help determine the best treatment plan for you. 469-804-5677.


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