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Garland dentist explains when root canal therapy could be a good choice

Garland Root Canal Therapy

As a general dentist, Dr. Sakunthala Boppana is committed to helping patients keep their natural teeth so long as that makes sense for their overall health. She is trained and experienced in a broad range of preventive services and restorative treatments to support that philosophy. Root canal therapy is one example of how she helps patients in the Garland area maintain natural smiles.

What is root canal therapy?

Endodontic treatment is often referred to as root canal therapy, or simply “having a root canal.” Each tooth has a hollow center called the pulp chamber, filled with nerves and blood vessels. Nerves extend from the pulp chamber through canals into the roots of the tooth. These nerves are designed to let you sense temperature and bite pressure. However, since the entire dental system works together, nerve response in a single tooth is not necessary for good oral function. Root canal therapy removes vascular tissues and nerves from the pulp chamber and canals, leaving the rest of the tooth structure intact.

How root canal therapy in Garland saves teeth

Root canal therapy can make good sense in these circumstances:

  • When a fracture or a piece broken off a tooth allows harmful oral bacteria to reach the pulp chamber, building inflammation, pressure, and infection.
  • A large, untreated area of tooth decay, or a cavity hidden under an old dental restoration can have the same effect.
  • You experience an intermittent toothache, tenderness when you bite down, or unusual sensitivity to heat and cold. This can develop years after trauma that causes incipient damage to the tooth’s roots.
  • The tooth develops a dark grayish internal color that shows through enamel.
  • You have acute pain, possibly with swelling of the face or abscess on the gums.

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In the above situations, the only alternative to root canal therapy is generally extraction of the tooth. That leaves a gap that spoils the look of your smile and allows healthy teeth to shift out of position. Crooked teeth may affect ease and effectiveness of oral hygiene, eating enjoyment, and digestion. Replacing the extracted tooth with a dental bridge, partial denture, or dental implant can easily cost more in the long-term than root canal therapy.

Why choose Perfect 32 for your root canal therapy?

How root canal therapy in Garland saves teeth

In a word – compassion! Dr. Boppana understands the physical discomfort a patient may be experiencing, prompting root canal treatment. She also knows the emotional distress that can trigger. In her gentle care, getting you out of pain is a top priority. Be assured that you are thoroughly numbed before treatment begins, for quick relief.

Dr. Boppana also offers the option of nitrous oxide sedation. This pleasantly-scented gas is inhaled to reduce anxiety and relax the body for a low-stress procedure. Nitrous oxide is very safe, even for young patients, and the sedative effect wears off immediately.

With a great deal of experience in endodontics, Dr. Boppana performs root canal therapy with precision and efficiency. Most patients say it is about like getting a filling.

If you maintain regular dental checkups and good home hygiene, you may ever need root canal therapy. But if you ever do, isn’t it good to know that your dentist in Garland is here to provide gentle treatment? Call (469) 804-5677 to become Dr. Boppana’s newest patient at Perfect 32 Family Dentistry.


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