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Mouth guards save teeth in Garland, TX

Mouth guards from dentist in Garland An estimated five million teeth are knocked out each year, many due to participation in sports. Countless others are damaged by bruxism. The lifetime cost of replacing a tooth can easily be in the thousands of dollars. Impact to your oral health from not replacing it is incalculable. Custom fit night guards and mouth guards from Garland, TX dentist, Dr. Sakunthala Boppana offer affordable prevention.

Play it safe

Most schools and parents understand that mouth protection is important. Most athletes hate wearing a bulky teeth guard that prevents clear speech and impairs breathing (essential to sports performance). In reality, off the shelf or generic boil-and-bite guards offer little protection because they don’t fit properly. In addition, they are easily chewed through.

Dr. Boppana takes impressions of your mouth to design a guard with intimately personalized fit. This type of mouth guard is comfortable to wear and facilitates natural flow of oxygen. It can even be crafted in team colors. Most importantly, it protects against traumatic injury to teeth, jaws, existing dental work, and soft tissues. In some cases, a properly-fitted mouthguard may also reduce risk of concussion.
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Stop the same old grind

About ten percent of the population (and 15 percent of children) are bruxers – they clench and grind teeth excessively, especially during sleep. This puts untold strain on jaws, fractures teeth, and may result in need for root canal therapy. Bruxism is linked to TMJ disorders, headaches and migraines, and sleep apnea.

A simple oral appliance, similar to a sports mouth guard, can bring relief. It balances the bite, alleviating stress on jaw joints and reducing pressure on teeth. It also directly cushions opposing teeth.

A custom-fit night guard:
  • Fits snugly and comfortably.
  • Improves sleep quality.
  • Relieves facial pain and headaches.
  • Protects teeth.
  • Is durable and long-lasting.
  • Is cost-effective.
Teeth protection is just one example of how Dr. Boppana and her team at Perfect 32 Family Dentistry are passionate about helping you enjoy a healthy smile. Schedule an appointment today to learn how easy it can be to prevent oral problems with a dental guard. Call our Garland, TX office at (469) 804-5677.

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