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Smile! You can get tooth colored fillings in Garland, TX

Tooth colored fillings from dentist in Garland Cavities are a serious and progressive dental condition. Untreated tooth decay can result in pain, systemic infection, loss of the tooth, and bone complications. Having cavities repaired doesn’t have to mean a smile full of silver. Dr. Sakunthala Boppana recommends tooth colored fillings for her Garland, TX patients.

Types of tooth decay

  • Pit and fissure decay - Also called occlusal cavities, these are frequently-diagnosed in children and adults who have not been protected with dental sealant. It occurs in irregular contours on chewing surfaces of molars.
  • Root decay - This is common among older adults with receding gums. The exposed portion of root surface is not protected by enamel, so it is especially susceptible to harmful bacteria.
  • Smooth surface decay - These cavities form on flat surfaces of teeth when bacterial plaque is not removed with conscientious brushing and flossing. In early stages, these holes in enamel may be repaired with topical fluoride treatment.
  • Interproximal cavity - Smooth surface decay that forms on the side of a tooth (between teeth).
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What are white fillings?

To repair a cavity, the doctor removes decayed tooth structure with a high-speed drill or air abrasion. Then the space is filled with a strong material that restores shape and chewing function of the tooth. Historically, amalgam was the go-to filling material. Amalgam gets it silver color from mercury used as a binding agent. Today, most people prefer an aesthetic approach.

Composite filling material is synthetic resin (dental plastic), shaded to match tooth color. It is combined with finely-powdered glass for a light-reflective quality that looks like tooth enamel. Once prepared, the material is soft and moldable. The cavity opening is filled with it, then Dr. Boppana shapes the surface. Each layer of this process is cured with a special light that makes it hard and durable. With final trimming and polishing, the filling blends beautifully with natural tooth structure.

Composite cavity fillings are more economical than porcelain inlays, onlays, or crowns, and all or a portion of the cost is usually covered by dental insurance.

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