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Are you fearful of going to the dentist? Do you wonder if you can trust the proposed dental treatment plan? Have you ever felt like the dental team doesn’t care about you as an individual?

Whatever your dentistry needs are, you may be searching for the best local dentist who offers high quality and exceptional dental care with gentle treatment, but have no idea where to look.

At our leading Garland dental office, set in a professional environment, we have what you are looking for and more, including specialized restorative dentistry services. Led by Dr. Sakunthala Boppana, our dental team has a passion for providing comfortable, compassionate, and quality dentistry, including preventive care that helps avoid dental issues and fosters a confident smile, to patients of all ages.

We offer relational dentistry, focusing on both aesthetic concerns and preventive care, which means we strive to build a positive relationship with each of our patients. Our approach not only ensures whiter teeth and a stunning smile but also boosts self-esteem through individualized care that is honest, ethical, courteous, and respectful.

In addition to addressing a range of dental issues, we can take care of your emergency dental needs quickly, including pediatric services. This includes allowing walk-ins (although a head’s up call is helpful!), prioritizing emergencies, and offering extended hours with available appointments on Saturdays.

We proudly offer boutique-style services, focusing on the health of natural teeth and providing solutions for dental problems, including options to replace missing teeth.

We serve our neighborhood patients in the Greater Dallas Area, including the surrounding communities of Garland, Mesquite, Rowlett, Richardson, Sachse, Sunnyvale, Wylie, and Plano.

Latest Techniques
  • Minimally invasive dental work
  • Quality Materials

Innovative Technology

  • Digital Imaging
  • Digital Xrays
  • Intra-Oral Cameras

Certified Experts

  • All Our Dentists are board Certified
  • Over 1000 CE Credit hours among the dentists


Our Services


General Dentistry


Emergency Dentistry


Cosmetic Dentistry

Your Dentist Knows Best

Take Your Time When You Brush!
Make Regular Flossing A Part Of Your Routine.
Opt For A Diet That Promotes Dental Health.
Restrict Consumption Of Sodas And Alcohol.
Leave A Little Fluoride In Your Mouth Before Bedtime.
Schedule A Dental Visit Every Six Months.

Our Dentists


Dr. Sakunthala Boppana

Lead Dentist


Dr. Usha Kiran Kolli

Extractions Specialist (Visiting)


Dr. Q

Implant Specialist (Visiting)

Comprehensive Dental Care For The Entire Family’s Needs.

Embrace a proactive approach to dental health for yourself and your loved ones. It would be our privilege to get to know you and your family.


Dental Services Tailored for Adults


Pediatric Dental Care


Cosmetic Dental Treatments

A Full-Service Dentistry Practice Near You

No More Shuffling between different dental offices !!

  • General and Preventive Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dental Implants
  • Oral Surgeon

Bringing a diverse range of services together for your convenience, our goal is to offer a comprehensive solution under one roof.

Awesome Dentistry With A Gentle Touch

Experience exceptional dentistry with a compassionate touch, offering teeth whitening and porcelain veneers among our services. Explore the range of treatments available at our dental clinic in Garland.

Deep Cleaning

Dental Crowns

Tooth Fillings


Exams And Cleaning

Teeth Whitening

Dental Bridge



Root Canals

Frequently Asked Questions

These are commonly asked questions that we receive frequently.

What to Expect on your first visit
  • X-Rays
  • Comprehensive Exam
  • Thorough Gum Check
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Care strategy
What should you bring to your first appointment?

You are able to either download the forms from our website and fill them in or you can fill the forms in the office.

  • Patient Information Form
  • Dental Insurance Card (if applicable)
  • Identification such as Driver’s License, Military ID or State ID
  • Patient Health History Form
  • HIPAA Consent Form
  • Patient Authorization Form
How long will my first appointment last?
  • Our differentiating factor lies in our commitment to attentive and personalized care—WE LISTEN. During your initial dental appointment with Dr. Boppana, we prioritize understanding you on a deeper level. Devoting ample time, typically 1.5 to 2 hours, ensures that the focus is not only on your dental health but also on your unique needs and concerns. Dr. Boppana takes the time to engage in open communication, actively listening to your dental history, apprehensions, and aspirations for your oral well-being.

    This extended duration allows for a thorough examination, detailed discussions about your oral health goals, and the development of a comprehensive understanding of your dental preferences. By prioritizing this unhurried approach, we aim to build a foundation of trust and ensure that your dental experience is not only effective but also comfortable. Our commitment to active listening sets the stage for a collaborative journey towards achieving and maintaining optimal oral health tailored to your individual requirements.

How much would it cost to pull tooth out?

If you are  paying out of pocket for a tooth extraction, you could expect to pay between $150 and $400 depending on the tooth. Typically, wisdom teeth extractions are more expensive and in some cases might require an oral surgeon to perform the procedure. 

Payment Options
  • We welcome a wide range of insurance plans.
  • CareCredit Financing Available.
  • We also offer fee-for-service arrangements,
  • We Accept major Credit Cards
How Often do your need to visit the dentist ?

Numerous theories circulate about the frequency of dental visits. Dr. Boppana recommends visiting a dentist every 6 months, aiming to allow Dr. B an opportunity to assess your overall oral health for potential issues. For top-notch dental care in Garland, trust Dr. Boppana for comprehensive check-ups. Regular visits contribute to maintaining optimal oral health, and our dedicated team ensures personalized attention to address any concerns. Keep your smile radiant and healthy by scheduling your appointments with the leading dentist in Garland, Dr. Boppana.

How safe are Dental X-Rays?

Dental X-rays are considered highly safe for diagnostic purposes. The level of radiation exposure from a dental X-ray is comparable to the radiation received during a cross-country airplane journey. In the realm of radiation measurement, dental x-rays typically register at around 0.5 millirems. To put this into perspective, it is minimal, emphasizing dental x-rays’ safety. The advancements in technology and the meticulous control of radiation dosage in dental imaging ensure that patients receive crucial diagnostic information without compromising their overall health. The low radiation levels reaffirm the safety and necessity of dental X-rays in modern dental care in Garland.

How to Choose a Dentist for your family?

Confused after asking Siri or Alexa to “FIND A DENTIST NEAR ME”? Here’s a checklist to look for before selecting your dentist:

  1. Proximity to your home or office?
  2. Do their Office hours align with your schedule?
  3. High Dentist Ratings?
  4. Prioritizes Preventive Dentistry?
  5. Does the office provide a clean and orderly environment?
  6. Equipped with the latest tools?
  7. The dental staff answers questions kindly.
  8. Inquire about prices, also remember the cheapest isn’t always the best.


Garland’s Smile Stories: What Patients Say About Dental Care

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Highly recommended. Technical and diagnostic expertise is exceptional with remarkable artistic balance … perfect filling contour and tooth color match. This team makes a potentially stressful event relaxing and upbeat. You won’t be disappointed with this dental experience.

Michael Gastonguay

“Best dentist I’ve ever been to!! Everyone here is so sweet and comforting, and they make sure that you’re happy! They’ve helped me feel so confident In my smile I’ve never thought that I would be able to love my smile as much as I do now! Definitely recommend coming here and I’ll be telling all of my friends and family about them!!”

Samantha Worthy

My experience with Perfect 32 Family Dentistry was amazing! Dr. Boppana helped me remain comfortable throughout the entire visit. I have never gone into an office and left feeling this way. I recommend this office to anyone. The assistant Adriana was so friendly and you could really tell she knew what to do and how to handle patients. The professionalism was very good. If you don’t have a dentist please give them a try. You won’t regret it! Awesome job ladies

Ashley Shannon