What Sets Us Apart?

  • Private Office

Founded in 2016, We are a private dental office in Garland, TX where Dr. Boppana is practicing dentist and the owner

  • One on one attention

We are a boutique style office where we treat every patient is treat with personal attention. This give us enough time to listen to your concerns, understand your needs and make sure that you  are comfortable during the dental procedure

  • Every patient treated with courtesy and respect

Perfect 32 Family Dentistry in Garland, TX is a judgement free zone. We understand that life happens and sometimes taking care of yourself your and your dental needs takes a back burner. We promise to respect your treatment choices and help you get a smile you deserve

  • Conservative treatment planning

Garland Dentist, Dr. Boppana firmly believes in prevention, if you develop any dental issues she recommends the most conservative treatment possible. She understands the difference between idealistic treatment planning and realistic treatment planning and always has your best interests in mind.

  • Patient Centric care in relaxed atmosphere

At Perfect 32 Family Dentistry we do our best to make you feel at home.

  • Lasting relationships

At Perfect 32 Family Dentistry we spend a lot of our time getting to know you as a person. we treat our patients like family and they feel at him in our office. We strongly believe in building lasting relationships based on honest and ethical practices.

  • Help maximize your insurance benefits

We are In-Network with most of the PPO plans. We help phase your treatment plan to lower your out of pocket expenses. We are very transparent about the treatment costs and your copays

  • Post-treatment care and long-term success

We are interested in affordable treatments that provide long-term success.

  • Friendliness, hygiene, Organization

Successful treatment can only be achieved in a positive setting. Friendliness, hygiene and modern ways of organization are core values of our professional attitude.