Garland Dentist – Dr Boppana

Dr. Sakunthala Boppana DDS

Dr. Sakunthala Boppana hails from India, where she not only grew up but met and married Sai, her husband of over 20 years. She initially began medical school in India but discovered a passion for dentistry instead.

Dr. Boppana and her husband moved to New York, where she attended dental school at New York University. After earning her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 2008, she practiced general dentistry as an associate dentist in the Chicago suburbs. While there, she and Sai welcomed their only child, a daughter.

Texas Transplants

Their small family then moved to Texas, where Dr. Boppana worked as an associate dentist, serving patients in the Dallas and Grand Prairie areas. She realized that while she loved dentistry and caring for her patients, her genuine desire was to open a practice of her own so Dr. Boppana could serve and treat patients in her own way she would want her family treated. Her belief is that careful, sensitive diagnosis and treatment planning, along with personalized care, are the foundations of excellence in dentistry.

After much work, sacrifice, and planning, Dr. Boppana founded her private practice, Perfect 32 Family Dentistry in Garland, Texas.

At Perfect 32 Family Dentistry in Garland, patients can rest assured they are treated with the utmost care and excellence. The entire team is devoted to providing high-level personalized care that is never judgmental and remains sensitive to the diverse needs of their patients.

Thanks to the outstanding reviews from patients, Dr. Boppana has been named one of The Nations Top 10% Dentist. In fact, she is one among three dentists from Garland, TX area.

A Lifestyle Of Learning

As someone with a passion for continuous learning and a desire to serve her patients at a higher level, Dr. Boppana began attending advanced training courses. She understands dentistry continuously evolves, and she is committed to staying current with training. This has led her to complete countless hours of continuing education, including the MaxiCourse for dental implants and Six-Month Smiles and Invisalign certifications. These courses allow her to serve more of her patients’ needs without having to send them to a specialist for implants or orthodontics.

Today, Garland Dentist Dr. Boppana’s patients benefit from her desire to do and know more while focusing on positive long-term results. While the team at Perfect 32 Family Dentistry works tirelessly to maintain your oral health and keep natural teeth, they understand that sometimes patients need restorative treatments. These patients, as well as those looking for a quick smile fix, appreciate the ease of restorative implant and orthodontic treatments that are possible without the hassle and headache of referrals, thanks to her willingness to learn and do more.

Thanks to her ingenuity and care, Dr. Boppana’s patients also appreciate the ease of more involved treatments, such as extractions and more complicated implants. Due to her commitment, she invited a periodontist to see her patients in her office on a regular basis so they don’t have to be referred out.

Family And Community

In addition, Dr. Boppana gives back to the community. She is an active partner with the Matthew 25:40 project, where she gives generously to aid the less fortunate. This program assists homeless individuals with financial assistance, housing, meals, and more.

Dr. Boppana currently resides with her husband and daughter in Frisco, Texas. When not serving her patients, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, shopping with her daughter, cooking, and reading. Favorite vacation spots include any place with nature, especially if it involves a beach and water.

Languages spoken include English, Hindi, and Telugu.