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Restorative dentistry from dentist in Garland Dr. Sakunthala Boppana and her team at Perfect 32 Family Dentistry work hard to help patients in the Garland, TX area avoid the need for dental work. Sometimes, though, despite great home hygiene and regular checkups, oral problems occur. Restorative treatment integrates many aspects of dental care, to get you chewing and smiling with confidence again.

Overarching goal

The central concept of restorative dentistry is to preserve as many of your natural teeth as possible. Dr. Boppana accomplishes that objective with:
  • Fillings and bonding - Tooth colored composite resin bonding material fills areas of decay (without displaying silver amalgam). The same material can be used to repair minor damage.
  • Veneers - You might think of porcelain or composite veneers as a cosmetic treatment. Veneers also restore damaged - chips and cracks in tooth enamel.
  • Onlays and inlays - Sometimes a cavity is too large to support a filling. A porcelain onlay or inlay maintains the integrity of the tooth. Yet this technique is more conservative than a crown, requiring less reduction of tooth structure.
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  • Crowns - A dental crown provides strength and protection for a tooth that has a large area of decay or breakage, or is at risk of embrittlement from root canal therapy.
  • Bridges - Up to three consecutive missing teeth can be replaced with a fixed dental bridge. This can be a good choice for the patient who is not a candidate for dental implants, or who prefers a traditional tooth replacement method.
  • Dental implants - Replacing missing teeth is essential to whole-mouth health. A dental implant not only restores the crown (visible portion), it also replaces the root, maintaining vital jaw and facial bone.
  • Dentures - A partial denture is a removable prosthesis that replaces one or multiple teeth in an arch. Complete or full dentures are for patients with no teeth. Yet they fall into the category of restorative dentistry because they restore function and aesthetics, helping to avoid a sunken facial appearance.
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