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Wisdom Tooth Removal In Garland, TX

Wisdom Tooth Extraction is recommended by your dentist when your teeth get overcrowded or Impacted.  Garland Dentist Dr. Boppana will exam to determine if you need your wisdom tooth pulled

Wisdom Teeth And All That You Need To Know About Them

When your dentist suggests getting wisdom teeth removal in Garland, you shouldn’t ignore it for long. Although the apprehension surrounding the procedure and the scary stories you may have heard may dissuade you from going for it, getting your wisdom teeth extracted will be in the best of your interest.

Wisdom Teeth – The What?

In general terms, wisdom teeth are the last set of your back teeth or molars. They are the latest to erupt in the chronology of tooth eruption and will show up in your oral cavity anywhere between 17 to 25 yrs of age but will be visible in oral radiographs quite early. However, rarely do they erupt uneventfully, i.e., without causing trouble.

Wisdom Teeth – The Why?

Wisdom teeth are so named based on the fact that people are much wiser than when they get their other permanent teeth erupted in their oral cavity. Hence wisdom is gained around the age when these erupt therefore, the name.

When Do You Need Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom teeth are notorious in nature, and in most instances, they cause one or the other problem while eruption. For example, they may deviate from their eruption path and end up causing swollen gums and pain. Following are the precise reasons

They may become impacted, the probability of which is very high since the jaw size may be insufficient to make space for their eruption

In many instances, they erupt partially such that a thick layer of gums covers them, causing food lodgment and subsequent tooth decay.

They are the hardest to reach with toothbrushes and hence more prone to gum problems and decay.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Wisdom Tooth Pulled Out?

Following are some of the benefits of getting wisdom teeth extraction in Garland

You will be able to avoid the inconvenience caused by the eruption of wisdom teeth since they erupt at intervals, and when they do, you may experience tenderness in your gums and discomfort.

Damage to the adjacent teeth can be prevented since wisdom teeth tend to damage the adjacent teeth if they deviate from their path of eruption

Crowding will no longer be an issue because the jaws have enough space once the wisdom teeth are removed.

Overall health is beneficial since no longer will you have to deal with tooth decay and gum problems caused by wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal – The Procedure

Wisdom teeth removal in Garland involves oral surgery under sedation. You will need someone to help you get back home since the type of anesthesia may vary depending on how comfortable you want the procedure to be. Generally, local sedation is administered, but for anxious patients, general sedation is recommended by the dentist in garland. Once the jaw is anesthetized, the gums and the tooth’s bone are removed. Thereafter, the tooth may be removed in one piece or parts depending on the accessibility and position of the tooth, and sutures will be placed to close the wound, and then you will be asked to bite down on a cotton gauze placed at the site of surgery. The surgery may take anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour.

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What Precautions Should You Take Postoperative?

Follow the instructions of your dentist diligently since negligence will lead to severe postoperative complications such as excessive bleeding and pain. The instructions will be somewhat as follows-

Do not spit out the cotton gauze. Always take it out gently

Avoid eating or drinking anything immediately after surgery.

Apply a cold compress to the surgical site to reduce tenderness and swelling

24 hrs post-surgery, start warm saline rinses but avoid vigorous rinsing

Avoid brushing at the site for at least three days after surgery and when you do brush, use a soft-bristled brush and gentle movements

Smoking will be strictly prohibited for at least 2-3 days after surgery.

Avoid drinking fluids from a straw since it may cause the blood clot to dislodge and eventually lead to a painful condition called dry socket

It’s pertinent to have only soft foods such as soups and porridge for the first few days post-extraction.

Avoid strenuous work and exercise for a few days post-surgery

Take your medications as prescribed by your dentist in garland

Although some discomfort is common after such lengthy procedures; call your dentist in garland if you experience excessive pain, bleeding, or pus formation at the surgical site

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