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Beautiful, Straight Teeth

Beautiful, straight teeth blend into your face and are associated with numerous positive qualities. Thanks to state-of-the-art orthodontic techniques, esthetically pleasing teeth are available to everybody.

Countless teens and adults have misaligned teeth. Serious jaw problems and dental wear can occur when teeth do not fit together properly. In addition, crooked teeth are harder to keep clean, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Just as important, straight teeth look terrific. Garland, TX, dentist Dr. Boppana offers several options in orthodontics for appealing smiles.

While orthodontic treatments beautifully align your teeth, if you ever face an unexpected dental issue, our urgent dental care services are always ready to assist


Six Month Smiles

Orthodontic Reasons

Buck teeth

Correctly called overbite, this condition is characterized by upper front teeth protruding too far beyond the lower arch.

Open bite

This situation occurs when front and/or side teeth do not meet or slightly overlap when back teeth bite together.


Upper teeth should sit slightly outside the lower arch when jaws come together. If upper teeth align or come to rest inside lower teeth at the front or on either side, you have a crossbite.


The result of too many teeth for the size of the dental ridge.


An underbite can be caused by lower teeth that are too far forward or a recessed upper arch.

Misplaced midline

When the line between the upper front teeth does not match the center of the lower arch.


Spaces between teeth.

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