Children’s Dental Sealants And Fluoride Treatment

Dental Sealants In Garland, TX

Fluoride And Sealants Treatment For Kids In Garland, TX

Parents in the Garland, TX, area want their kids to have the best. That includes a smile that contributes to self-confidence and good health. Yet tooth decay remains a prevalent problem, especially for children. With sealants and fluoride treatment, kids in the care of Dr. Boppana have fewer cavities.

What Causes Cavities?

A child’s mouth is full of bacteria. Some are helpful, aiding in the breakdown of food for digestion. Others create a sticky biofilm of plaque. Bacteria continually reproduce, eating sugars and starches left by food debris and sweet beverages. As they feed, they produce acidic waste that eats holes in tooth enamel.

The body tries to replace minerals lost in the bacterial acid attack with elements from saliva, food, and water. However, cavities occur when this balance is not maintained.

Sealant An Ally Or Foe?

Molars are the big, blocky-shaped teeth at the back of the mouth. They have irregular chewing surfaces. These bumps, crevices, and pits trap bits of food and create an ideal environment for harmful bacteria to flourish. Sealants for kids are an excellent defense against cavities in molars.

The dental sealant is thin plastic painted onto chewing surfaces of freshly-cleaned and prepped molars. The transparent liquid flows into pits and grooves, forming a protective barrier. This treatment is painless and quick, and the benefit lasts several years. Dr. Boppana recommends sealant as soon as permanent molars come in, usually at about age six. However, it is never too late to use sealants – even in adulthood.

Research shows that sealant reduces the risk of cavities by up to 80 percent!

Sealant For Kids Teeth!

Why Fluoride In Tap Water Is A Good Thing

Fluoride Treatment For Healthy Smile

Fluoride treatments for kids fight cavities by boosting the body’s ability to remineralize tooth enamel. Topical fluoride:

  • Slows mineral loss.
  • Replaces lost minerals.
  • Impairs the ability of bacteria to produce acids.

Fluoride can be applied as a clear varnish and brushed onto visible tooth surfaces. Or teeth can be treated via disposable trays filled with fluoride foam. Both methods are quick, painless, and safe, preventing your child from ingesting fluoride.

Doesn’t your kid deserve a healthy smile? Call (469)804-5677 to schedule a preventive visit with Dr. Boppana.

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