Dental Exams and Cleaning in Garland, TX

With dental exams and cleanings Dr. Boppana and her team helps Garland, TX keep their smiles radiantly healthy. All our treatments are personalized based on your needs. Maintain a clean and disease-free mouth by joining Perfect 32 Dental Family.


Many people currently are scared of teeth cleanings. Between the strange noises and occasional jaw discomfort, it’s easy to understand their apprehension. However for most part, a teeth cleaning process is simple and painless.

Here are the basic steps your garland dental hygienist will perform during your visit

  • Preliminary Dental examination

During a comprehensive oral exam soft tissues, each tooth and all sides of your mouth are inspected by the hygienist for any signs of  gingivitis (inflamed gums) or other potential concerns. Dr. Boppana will review the x-rays and approves the treatment plan.

  • Removal of plaque and tartar

Using a small mirror to guide, dental hygienist uses a sterile instrument called scaler to remove bacterial plaque, during this process special attention is paid to the gum line and area between teeth because these are commonly missed areas with brushing and flossing. Don’t be alarmed if you hear scraping because that is what it takes to get rid of hardened tartar. In case of large tartar build up, hygienist will discuss your home care methods and suggests improvements.

The more the tartar the longer it takes to scrape it out, Brushing and flossing stops plaque from building up and hardening into tartar. Once tartar builds up the only option is get a dental cleaning done at your garland dental office.

  • Polishing

After the tartar is completely removed tooth receives a final cleaning to polish the enamel using a toothpaste that smells and tastes like normal daily tooth paste to give teeth a smooth luster

  • Professional Flossing

Teeth are flossed to reach the deep between the teeth and locate any potential gum bleeding spots. This is a terrific opportunity to ask for a refresher course on proper home flossing technique

  • Rinsing

Teeth are rinsed using a fluoride liquid to get rid of any debris

  • Optional Treatments

Optional treatments like fluoride or dental sealants help strengthen teeth and reduce risk of decay, If you opt-in, these are performed on freshly cleaned teeth. If necessary X-rays are taken again at this stage.

  • Expert Dental Examination

After reviewing your x-rays and chart, Garland Dentist Dr. Boppana thoroughly examines your mouth and will discuss about any symptoms you might be experiencing.

Your Dentist in Garland will explain any further treatments that are necessary to help keep your teeth healthy and address your concerns.Its recommended to schedule dental exams and professional teeth cleaning twice a year and get X-Rays taken at least once a year.


  • Fresher breath.
  • Brighter smile.
  • Regular dental check up will help detect and prevent Gum disease.
  • Prevent  large fillings, Root canals and tooth extractions.
  • Reduced long-term dental costs.
  • Early detection of oral cancer.


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