Pulpotomy For Kids Saves Teeth In Garland, TX

Garland Denitst saves Kids tooth using pulpotomy

Baby teeth are important. Nature intends them to stay in the jaw for a specific amount of time, maintaining space for adult teeth and allowing secondary teeth to begin developing prior to emergence. Yet a cavity or trauma may affect soft vital tissues at the center, before a baby tooth can naturally exfoliate. Dr. Boppana at Perfect 32 Family Dentistry in Garland, TX may recommend pulpotomy for kids also called baby root canal.


Teeth have a hard covering of pearly enamel. Underneath is rigid dentin that give the tooth strength. At the core is a space filled with blood vessels, nerves, connective tissue, and regenerative cells. In baby teeth, this chamber is large in relation to the overall size of the tooth. Decay or breakage doesn’t have to advance far to reach the pulp chamber. That causes painful inflammation and infection.

Dr. Boppana performs a pulpotomy to save the tooth until it is no longer biologically needed. This procedure preserves vitality of the tooth and avoids need for extraction. Pulpotomy steps include:

  • Thorough numbing to ensure your child’s comfort.
  • Damaged portions of the crown are removed.
  • Pulp removal– elimination of disease pulp tissue.
  • An agent is applied to kill harmful bacteria and soothe remaining nerves.
  • Tooth is sealed with medicated filling material to keep remaining pulp in canals alive.
  • Tooth strength and functionality are restored with a crown. Usually an economical stainless-steel crownis used, since the tooth is not permanent.


Pulpotomy is often referred to as pulp therapy, baby root canal, or pulpectomy. Regardless of the term used, there is one major difference between this procedure and root canal treatment. True root canal therapy removals all blood flow and nerves, essentially leaving a dead tooth in the jaw. Pulpotomy maintains a vital, living tooth so that it can finish developing.

Many dentists simply pull a child’s damaged tooth, because pulpotomy requires careful diagnosis and planning, and precision treatment. Dr. Boppana is trained and experienced in the procedure because she believes kids deserve the healthiest smiles possible. Call Perfect 32 at (469) 804-5677 to book an appointment.