Transform Your Look with SIX MONTH SMILES Dentist in Garland, TX

In a study conducted by WebMD, the average orthodontic treatment plan with braces for an adult takes 18 to 36 months and costs $5,000 to $6,000. Patients in the Garland, TX area have a terrific affordable alternative – Six Month Smiles. In the care of Dr. Sakunthala Boppana at Perfect 32 Family Dentistry it costs less than traditional braces.

What Causes Crooked Teeth

Here are a few scientifically sound factors that cause crooked teeth

  • Like hair and eye color, dental traits are also affected by genetics. For example, a small mouth contributes to crowded teeth, and misaligned jaws lead to over- or underbite.
  • Poor oral habits in infancy may create noticeable problems years later.
  • Thumb-sucking and pacifier use may seem harmless to a baby, but result in smile imperfections at adulthood.
  • Unconscious habits such as mouth breathing, reverse swallowing, and tongue thrusting also have a negative impact on oral development.
  • Baby teeth are anchors for permanent teeth. If they are lost early from decay or trauma, adult teeth lack a guide for straight growth.
  • Diet plays an important role.
  • A broad jaw allows emerging teeth to drop into position naturally. A sturdy palate supports facial structure including tooth placement.
  • Industrialized, processed foods do not contain sufficient nutrients for bone growth, which results in a narrowed face and crooked teeth.
  • Facial trauma, including mouth or jaw injury, may literally move teeth out of place. The outcome can be cosmetic, or dramatic.

A study in 2012 by Kelton showed that

  • Straight teeth gives you 57% more chance to get a date from an internet dating site than those with crooked teeth.
  • Thirty-eight percent of Americans would ditch the second date with someone who has misaligned teeth.
  • People with straight smiles are perceived as happier, healthier, and smarter.
  • People with straight teeth have 45 percent more chance to get a job and 58 percent more likely to be successful.

Brace Yourself . . .

For a straight, attractive smile quicker than you thought possible. Short-term orthodontic treatments are completed in an average of about six months. During that time, treatment is barely noticeable with clear brackets and wires that match tooth color.

No wonder Six Month Smiles gets great patient reviews. The secret to the fast success of treatment is NOT aggressive wire tightening. Rather, teeth are moved with:

  • Low force from specially designed wires and brackets.
  • Focus on teeth that are visible when you smile.
  • Brief adjustment appointments. Proprietary Six Month Smiles Patient Tray Kits aid in efficient visits.

Other Benefits of Fast Braces

  • Six Month Smiles will reduce the amount of time it takes to straight teeth
  • It helps lessen the risk of Cavities and gum diseases
  • No Extractions are necessary
  • Lighter pressure means no additional risk of root damage when compared to regular braces.
  • Less chance of enamel damage since fewer teeth are treated with lighter pressure.
  • More economical than porcelain veneers, conventional braces or aligner therapy

Are you among the millions of American adults embarrassed by crooked teeth? Do you cover your mouth, dip your head, or try not to smile? Do you feel like your smile has a negative impact on your self-confidence, sociability, and business success? You could be a good candidate for Six Month Smiles.

Perfect 32 Family Dentistry has flexible payment plans . Call us at (469) 804-5677 to schedule a Six Month Smiles consultation with Dr. Boppana, a certified Six Month Smiles dentist in Garland to transform your smile.