Root Canal Treatment in Garland TX

It is common to hear a groan at the mention of root canal therapy. However, in Dr. Boppana’s capable hands, the procedure gets you out of discomfort quickly and helps to save a natural tooth. She and her team in Garland, TX are experienced in performing root canal therapy gently and efficiently.

When(why) Do You Need Root Canal Treatment ?

At the center of each tooth is a chamber which houses pulp blood vessels and a nerve that allow the tooth to sense bite pressure and temperature.

  • When trauma (a crack or breakage) causes damage to tooth.
  • Deep decay breaches protective outer layers of the tooth.
  • Harmful bacteria invade the pulp chamber.
  • Infection builds pressure, and the nerve becomes inflamed.
  • You may wake up with a swollen face and acute pain, or have intermittent toothaches.
  • Sometimes the tooth darkens, or the tooth or gum area feels tender when you press on it.

Root canal treatment alleviates pain by eliminating the source. It is often the only alternative to extraction.

Root Canal Procedure

Root canal treatment is performed when a tooth is badly infected or decayed. During the treatment the pulp and nerve inside the infected tooth are removed.

From a patient’s perspective its like getting a filling. Because your comfort is top priority, Dr. Boppana may prescribe pain management medication or antibiotics before treating the tooth. Then

  • The area is thoroughly numbed for instant relief.
  • The tooth is opened, releasing pressure.
  • Damaged or decayed tooth structure is removed.
  • Special instruments are used to eliminate blood vessels and nerves.
  • The chamber is sterilized and sealed.A temporary filling is placed.
  • You return in a few weeks to have a beautiful porcelain crown placed.
  • It strengthens the tooth and protects it from further damage.

Is Root Canal procedure painful

Root canal procedure is no painful than a regular filling however you will experience some sensitiveness for few days. Until the crown or filling is in place try not to chew on tooth under repair and avoid hot and cold beverages.

How Successful are Root canals

Root canal treatment has a bad reputation but it has a high success rate and with good care can safe the tooth for a life time

Root Canal Prevention

Following good oral hygiene and regular dental care will prevent the teeth from getting decayed badly and will prevent the need for root canal treatment. Good Oral health prevents a lot of tooth decay problems.

Are you concerned about root canal cost? In the long-term, an extraction will cost a great deal more because once a tooth is extracted you have to replace it with a fixed bridge or a dental implant and If you do not replace it, other teeth will go crooked. That creates spaces and overlaps that encourage cavities and gum disease – requiring future dental work.

Now that you have a better understanding of root canal treatment from Dr. Boppana, you can see that there is nothing to fear. Call the office in Garland, TX at (469) 804-5677 to schedule an appointment.

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