Children’s Dental Exams And Cleaning

Kids Dentist in Garland, TX

Children’s Dentistry In Garland, TX

Dr. Boppana welcomes child patients. She and the Perfect 32 Family Dentistry team have created a supportive, cheerful environment for kids in the Garland, TX, area, encouraging oral wellness through fun interaction. Dr. Boppana’s style of children’s dentistry develops positive attitudes toward dental care for life. It all starts by scheduling your kid’s dental cleaning.

Dental Exam Services For Kids

From the time baby’s first tooth erupts until your teen becomes an adult, the emphasis is mainly on prevention. We start kids out right with:

Counseling for parents on tooth-healthy nutrition, brushing baby teeth, pacifiers, and baby bottle tooth decay.

Cleaning baby teeth and thorough examination.

Dental sealants reduce the risk of cavities in molars.

Fluoride treatment to strengthen teeth and fight cavities.

Tooth-colored fillings, should cavities occur.

Pulpotomy for primary teeth with large cavities extending to the pulp in the absence of abscess or infection.

Economical stainless-steel crowns for primary teeth.

Space maintainers to preserve room for secondary teeth to come in.

Advice for parents of teens on smoking, eating disorders, and other situations that may impact dental health.

Preventive Dental Care For Kids!

Baby’s First Visit

The Family Dentist Advantage


A pediatric specialist treats only children. Perfect 32 Family Dentistry is a family dental practice. You get the convenience of same-day appointments for multiple family members, reducing travel and missed work time. By treating various family members, Dr. Boppana becomes familiar with a medical history and hereditary traits that may impact your little one’s oral development. Best of all, your child won’t have to switch dentists as a teenager or young adult. This can be a potentially vulnerable time for oral problems, due to peer pressure and college life.

As a parent, Dr. Boppana understands how important it is to find a compassionate dentist for kids and healthy oral care for all members of the family. Perfect 32 Family Dentistry in Garland welcomes patients of all ages. Call (469) 804-5677

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