Are Soft Drinks Bad For Teeth?

Are Soft Drinks Bad For My Teeth?

Isn’t this a question that your alway had? Soda and soft drinks have become a part of the regular diet in the life of children as young as 2 yrs up to adults aged 18. Drinking soda is considered hip by teenagers even if all it does is damage the teeth. Your Garland Dentist Dr. Sakunthala Boppana will try to enlighten you on how the damage happens and what you can do to prevent it.

Effect Of Soft Drinks On Teeth

Sugary drinks such as sodas, soft drinks, and even diet sodas have excess sugar content, which is even more than the average daily requirement of the individual. Not only are these drinks sugary, but they are also acidic in nature. And this combination can wreak havoc on your teeth.

 Damage Done By Sugar

The oral bacteria thrive on sugar derived from food. The sugar provided by these soft drinks also provides these bacteria with plenty of food, leading to their rapid growth. The bacterial colonies cover the tooth in the form of plaque. With the development of bacterial colonies, the plaque layer also becomes thick. It will damage the gums causing bleeding and loose teeth. Also, oral bacteria can cause dental caries or cavities in the teeth. Any negligence in oral hygiene maintenance will cause severe damage to teeth.

 Damage Done By Acid

Sugary drinks are also slightly acidic. This acid causes the outer cover of the tooth, also called enamel, to break down. This thinning of enamel weakens the tooth resulting in microcracks in teeth. The loss of enamel, also called dental erosion, leads to the yellowing of teeth since the inner layer becomes more visible. Moreover, thin enamel causes tooth sensitivity which will only worsen if not treated timely.

 What Can You Do To Stop The Damage

Following are some simple points to keep in mind to prevent the damage if not reverse it

1. Always use a straw for drinking soft drinks. The aim is to minimize contact between the liquid and the tooth surface. A straw can directly transfer the liquid to the back of your mouth, thus preventing contact with teeth.

2. Avoid sipping the drinks—the more frequent the contact of sugar with teeth, the more the chances of damage.

3. Water down the drink if possible, as concentrated sugar cause more damage to your teeth.

4. Don’t brush your teeth immediately after consuming acidic drinks like fruit juice. It damages the enamel. Wait for at least an hour before brushing.

5. Include dairy products in your diet. Cheese and milk can help restore the health of your teeth since they are rich in calcium, the inherent constituent of a tooth.

6. Moderation is the key. It is within reason to assume that you cannot eliminate sugary and acidic drinks c from the diet. However, reducing the number of servings will help keep your oral cavity healthy.

7. A small step goes a long way in the Maintenance of oral hygiene should be emphasized more. 

8. A routine dental checkup should also be taken with seriousness. It can prevent dental problems from happening in the first place, thus, saving you much inconvenience and money.

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