Children’s Dentist In Texas Tells How To Prepare For First Appointment

Beautiful smiles start young, with the first dental visit preferably at age one or when the first tooth emerges. As a mother herself, Texas children’s dentist, Dr. Boppana understands the nervousness you might feel about this initial appointment. She shares these tips for a positive experience.

Do Your Homework

Our reception area is kid-friendly and we do our best to keep appointments running on schedule. However, small children can become restless while Mom or Dad completes paperwork. Take a few moments before you leave the house, to make a list of:

  • Your child’s medical conditions.
  • Medications he or she takes.
  • Phone number for your pediatrician or family doctor.
  • Habits such as thumb sucking, pacifier use, or taking a nighttime bottle.
  • Questions you have for Dr. Boppana.

Communicate . . . But Not Too Much

About a week before the appointment, begin talking to your child about what to expect. Repeat the doctor’s name and the name of the hygienist. Practice sitting in the dental chair, having the mouth examined, and counting teeth. Give your little one a soft, baby-sized toothbrush and so he or she can get used the feel of an instrument in the mouth.

It is important to avoid trigger words, during this role play. Please do not mention pain, hurt, needle, drill, or other words that may cause anxiety.

Make It Matter Of Fact

It is best not to coax, bargain, or reward a trip to the dentist. Set a good example that dental care is non-negotiable. It is simply a necessary part of respecting your body. Work toward instilling personal responsibility for healthy habits.

With these thoughtful steps and a dental team who genuinely loves caring for kids, your child is on the right path to lifetime smiles. Call the children’s dentist parents in Texas trust Dr. Boppana at (469) 804-5677

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