Dentist In Garland, Tx Shares Tips For Recovery From Root Canal Therapy


When a tooth has suffered nerve damage, root canal therapy is generally the only way to save it. This avoids tooth replacement with a dental implant, bridge, or denture. Plus, your tooth doesn’t need a nerve to remain in place and function normally. In Dr. Boppana’s hands, root canal treatment gets Garland, TX patients of discomfort quickly. A few post procedure steps help to ensure speedy recovery.

Feel Better Fast

  • Be careful chewing – Don’t eat until numbing has worn off, or you might bite your tongue, lips, or cheek. Avoid hard, crunchy, or chewy foods for a day or two, and try to eat on the other side for 24 hours. The tooth may be temporarily sensitive to hot and cold.
  • Take prescribed medications – Dr. Boppana will send you home with a prescription for antibiotics. Be sure to get it filled promptly, and take the medication according to her instruction, to prevent infection from returning.
  • Manage discomfort – Most patients feel immediate relief when the tooth is numbed and pressure from infection released. Residual tenderness is usually short-lived. It can be quelled with over the counter analgesics. Please call Perfect 32 if you have prolonged pain.
  • Keep it clean – Continue to brush and floss normally, treating the root canal area with gentleness. You may also rinse with a solution of 1/2 teaspoon table salt to one cup of warm water.
  • Avoid excess pressure – Consider a night guard to cushion force on the tooth from nighttime clenching and grinding.
  • Follow up – Be sure to keep your follow-up appointment for crown placement. A tooth can become brittle after root canal therapy, since blood flow is gone. A crown provides strength and protection.

Dr. Boppana and her team at Perfect 32 in Garland, TX care about providing a positive root canal experience! Call (469) 804-5677 to become a patient.

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