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Dental crowns and bridges have become familiar terms for most people today. Because a staggering number of people today opt for dental crowns and bridges, they have become the most commonly used treatments for various dental conditions.

Used by most in conjunction, the terms dental crown and bridges and their applications differ slightly. While dental crowns can serve to strengthen teeth that have undergone root canal treatment and change the tooth’s shape, size, and color, a dental bridge replaces one or more of the missing teeth. Dental crowns and bridges are made of various materials such as porcelain, metal, ceramic, or a combination. Your dentist will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each so that you can choose whatever suits your requirement and budget since some of these materials are costlier than others.

Dental Crowns

Also called dental caps, are dental restorations that cover the whole tooth crown or the white part of the tooth called enamel. These can serve the following functions

– provide strength to teeth that are extensively damaged and cannot hold fillings. A dental crown on such teeth helps them bear the masticatory forces and prevent further damage while making them functional.

– root canal treated teeth lose blood supply to teeth and become brittle with time which makes teeth fragile and prone to fractures. However, a dental crown provides strength and protection to them.

– If a tooth’s shape or size requires drastic modifications that cannot be achieved by enameloplasty, the tooth is reduced, and a dental crown is cemented onto it according to the requirements.

– only some people are candidates for teeth whitening due to certain dental conditions such as fluorosis. Dental crowns of the desired shade can solve the predicament and give you a confident smile.

Dental Crowns can be of the following varieties

 Metallic Crowns

These are made of stainless steel and suitable for back teeth bearing the maximum masticatory force. They are tough and durable, but you can’t hide them in your laugh.

Porcelain fused to metal(PFM)

 These used to be the first choice while restoring front teeth, but with esthetics becoming the primary concern for everyone today, these are used to restore teeth too. These are two-layered dental crowns with an inner layer of metal (for strength and durability) and an outer layer of porcelain. Porcelain matches the color of the dental crown as far as possible to your natural tooth. These crowns are as durable as metal crowns but are a little expensive.


Ceramic and porcelain are similar substances, and the purpose of both is the same, matching the crown’s color to your natural tooth as best as possible. Since PFM crowns have a metallic base, they are prone to chipping the porcelain, thereby exposing the metal underneath. An all-ceramic crown is made of ceramic material through and through. These crowns provide the best esthetics, but again, these are the most expensive.

Dental bridges

A dental bridge is a prosthesis that replaces your missing tooth with the support of the teeth adjacent to the gap or a dental implant. It is a three-unit structure consisting of the central artificial tooth and the dental crowns on either side of it. The major artificial tooth that replaces the missing one is called a pontic, and the natural teeth that provide support are called abutment teeth. When the gap is large, a dental implant is placed in the approximate middle to help support the bridge. However, a dental implant requires excellent bone health, and your dentist will be able to decide only after looking at the jaw bone radiographs. Dental bridges are made of the same materials that make dental crowns. 

Dental crowns and bridges can care for broken, damaged, decayed, and missing teeth. Talk to your dentist about what will suit you and your pocket best.

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