Ten Foods That Are Harmful To Your Teeth

Dr. Sakunthala Boppana Explains The Side Effect Of Top Ten Foods On Teeth

Everyone knows by now know that sugar is detrimental to oral and overall health. But what if we told you that there is an entire long list of food items that have the potential to damage your teeth? What if we say that the sugar you are avoiding creeps up in your favorite food in some way or another? Just listen to what we have to say here.

Hardened sugar candies

Who doesn’t know that hard sugar candies are just the thing that wreaks havoc on your teeth? The hard ones and even the soft, sour candies fall into the same category. We don’t need to elaborate on how they get stuck to your teeth and cause tooth decay. Have you ever thought about how long it stays in your mouth? Moreover, it damages your teeth in more than one way. It can cause cracks or chipping of tooth enamel if you chew hard candies. But try telling that to a 5-year-old, and all you will get is a ‘whatever’ look. So remember to make them brush their teeth after they have had their fill of these candies.

Chips and crackers

Refined-flour-based products such as chips and crackers contain starch which converts to sugar during the digestion process in your oral cavity. These sugars stick to your teeth and invite bacteria to colonize them, leading to decay in the long run. Therefore, remember to rinse thoroughly every time you binge on your favorite chips or crackers.

Carbonated beverages

All your favorite colas and soda contain carbon-di-oxide gas and sugar as primary ingredients. These colas and sodas do dual damage to your teeth. First, the sugar bath that your teeth experience in every sip of the beverage causes decay, and second, the drink’s slightly acidic pH erodes your weak enamel. Not even diet coke spares your teeth since the acid is still present even though the sugar is missing. So, switch your carbonated beverage with water if you want your smile for longer.

Chewing Ice

Are you one of those who think, water is good for health so should be ice?. The next time you think of chewing on that block of ice, remember what we have to say. Chewing ice can cause micro-cracks and chipping of your teeth.

Citrus fruits

While citrus fruits may provide all the vitamin C to boost your immunity, excessive consumption can damage your teeth. Citrus fruits are acidic; therefore, the longer they are in contact with your teeth, the greater the chances of tooth enamel erosion.

Dry fruits

You may benefit from all the fiber and goodness in dry fruits and nuts. After eating, brush and floss to remove particles left on your teeth. Dry fruits and nuts tend to stick to your teeth and cause decay. Moreover, Frequently crunching dry fruits might also cause cracks in your teeth.


Pickled vegetables are a favorite of many. While they may provide health benefits, the vinegar used for the preservation process can erode your enamel if consumed in excess. Try to avoid that extra helping of pickles the next time you feel the urge.


A staple breakfast item, bread, sticks to your teeth and causes decay, especially the white variety. Bread quickly breaks down into sugar which does the actual damage. Try switching your regular white bread with brown or multigrain ones to decrease the damage.

Peanut Butter And Jelly (PBJ)

While we all are addicted to the combo, we should limit the intake to avoid damaging our teeth. Both are sticky and sugary, which means dual damage to your teeth, causing decay if not washed away promptly. Try a quick brushing after your peanut butter and jelly sandwich to remove the particles sticking to your teeth.


Yes, it is true. Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause a condition called xerostomia or dry mouth, which hinders saliva production, leading to dental decay and bad breath. Without saliva, the oral bacteria multiply rapidly and cause plaque, tooth decay, and foul odor. Therefore, remember to rehydrate your body every time that you indulge yourself.

Like every thing else, moderation is the key to a sustainable diet, so avoid excess of anything to have healthy and strong teeth. Brush twice daily, floss regularly, and never miss an appointment at your dentist’s office.
These tips will help you have that dazzling smile for a long time.

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