The Pros And Cons Of Dental Crowns In Garland, TX

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dental Crown Treatment in Garland, Tx

Dental crowns are reliable and effective for restoring damaged, weakened, or discolored teeth and improving oral health and appearance.

A dental crown is a prosthesis that fits over a tooth crown and covers it from all sides. Fabricated from metal, porcelain, or a combination of both, each has its strengths and weaknesses. 

This article will discuss the pros and cons of dental crowns.

Advantages of Dental Crowns

Protection: Protect a root canal-treated tooth- Root canal treatment involves the removal of the central blood and nerve tissue because they are infected. Although it helps rid the infection, the tooth becomes hollow inside. Dental crowns provide the required strength to the tooth that has undergone a root canal treatment, so they don’t fracture or break during chewing food.

Restore Tooth Function: A damaged tooth becomes dysfunctional. Biting, chewing, and speech functions are compromised. A dental crown provides the required strength to the tooth, and you can bite, chew and speak freely.

Restore Damaged Tooth: A dental crown can rehabilitate a tooth that has lost most of its structure to decay or a tooth fractured in an accident. Extensive restorations of teeth do more damage than good. They compromise the tooth’s strength, making it vulnerable to fractures. A dental crown provides strength by enclosing the tooth from all sides. Similarly, a fracture in the tooth, however minor, makes it prone to infections. A dental crown prevents this from happening. 

Aesthetics: Accidents or trauma may cause discoloration of your front teeth. A porcelain dental crown on such teeth enhances the aesthetics of your smile, simultaneously boosting your confidence.

Reshape tooth: Your smile is compromised because of one misshapen tooth. A dental crown can solve your problem. The tooth is reduced in size to fit in the dental cap, and then the shape of the dental crown can be adjusted to your liking, thus, giving you that perfect smile.

Alternative To Orthodontic Treatment: If you don’t want the hassle of orthodontic wires and brackets, you may ask your dentist to use dental crowns to solve the issue of crooked teeth. However, this has limitations. Discuss it with your dentist before opting for dental crowns over orthodontic treatments.

Disadvantages Of Dental Crowns

Cost: Dental crowns can be expensive, but their cost depends on quality. PFM (porcelain fused to metal) crowns cost less than complete porcelain crowns. Discuss all your options with your dentist, know the pros and cons of each, and then decide which dental crown you want.

Irreversibility: The tooth that receives a dental crown is reduced in size to fit the thickness of the dental cap. You cannot reverse it, meaning your tooth will not be able to come back to its original form.

Additional procedures: A dental crown might require other treatments, such as a root canal treatment. While it is advisable to get a root canal treatment before getting a dental cap, discuss it with your dentist first.

Oral Hygiene: Once you get a dental crown, it is mandatory to brush twice and floss once daily. You have to keep the margins of the dental crown free of food debris because the margins are easy targets for tooth decay. Discuss the use of inter-dental brushes and oral irrigation devices with your dentist for the ideal hygiene, which, in turn, will prolong the life of your dental crown and the tooth as well.

Dental crowns are versatile in use and, so, an excellent option for many dental problems. However, they necessitate proper hygiene and care. Just get them evaluated per your dentist’s instructions, and you will have that perfect smile for as long as possible.

If you have more questions about getting a Dental Crowns In Garland, TX, call your Dental office in Garland, TX, at  (469) 804-5677 and talk to a professional for advice.


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