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Emergency dentistry is accessible in Garland, TX

Emergency dentistry from dentist in Garland By about age three, most kids have a full set of primary teeth. Baby teeth have an important function in addition to chewing. They are placeholders for secondary teeth. Sometimes though, extraction of a tooth is necessary. In that case, Garland, TX dentist, Dr. Sakunthala Boppana, may recommend a dental space maintainer for the child, to support oral development until adult teeth come in. In a world of smartphones, computers, and self-checkouts, it is easy to feel isolated from human compassion. Modern medical and dental patients are being pushed that direction every day. Dr. Sakunthala Boppana takes a different approach. Being a very real part of the community she believes in providing dental services when they are needed most. She makes emergency dentistry accessible and affordable at Perfect 32 Family Dentistry in Garland, TX.

When is emergency dental care necessary?

These situations warrant a visit to your emergency dentist:
  • Tooth loosened or knocked out by trauma. This is commonly the result of a sports-related injury or a fall.
  • Significant fracture or breakage. Waiting for treatment may cause further destruction of the tooth.
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  • Abscess that triggers sudden swelling and acute pain. A delay in treatment could allow toxins to spread to the jawbone or throughout the body.
  • Excessive bleeding or intense pain from dry socket, following an extraction.
  • An incident that dislodges a dental bridge or fixed orthodontics.
  • Any situation resulting in soft tissue damage or severe pain.
If you are in any doubt about whether the condition can wait for normal business hours, just call Perfect 32 at (469) 863-7009. We are happy to provide calming advice.

Please go to your nearest hospital emergency department if there is uncontrolled bleeding or head injury with signs of concussion.

Saving an avulsed tooth

Avulsion is the dental term for a tooth that has been completely displaced from its socket. In some cases, an adult tooth can be replanted and saved with fast action. Handle the tooth only by the crown. Try to place it back into the socket while you make the trip to Perfect 32, biting lightly on clean gauze or a tea bag. Be careful not to swallow it. Alternately, place the tooth between the cheek and gum, or in a small container of your own saliva or milk (which has similar pH). Most importantly, get to the dentist right away.

Walk-ins are welcome at Perfect 32 – 3630 North Shiloh Road in Garland, TX. Call (469) 863-7009 to let us know you are on the way for priority emergency dentistry.

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